5 expert ways to create brand value with Magento Trends for 2018

Magento trends for 2018

As we all know that the Magento empowers almost Billions of retailers and wholesalers by providing them with an e-commerce based digital platform to initiate or enhance their business in the competitive world. It is basically built upon the open source technology which provides the online shopping experience to customers and online business experience to sellers. It is consist of flexible shopping cart system which allows the customer to select and proceed with the product of choice by lying back at their place. To have a responsive and latest technology based website you can even contact the best e-commerce website design and development company in Delhi, NCR or any other known best to you. The amazing latest Magento trends 2018 are mentioned below: 


1. Do Feel of personalized shopping work?

In the course of recent few years, Magento based websites have come up with new techniques so that they can provide more personalized services to their client. But the question is what more can we do to attract the audience towards our E-commerce website? The ultimate and super simple method to increase your customer is that – first of all, you need to gather the information of the user, all you need to do is collect the purchasing or history,  notice their shopping behaviour and their field of interest and give away some exciting coupons or scheme. This will give them the feel of personalization and good quality leads to you which will eventually impact your sales.

The discount on the thing the user desire for will definitely attract him towards your site. But make sure your site doesn’t lack options,  i.e the more filters and selection options you will offer more precise product customer can select, which will be good for you and customer both else the customer might get irritated and move towards other vendors in the market.


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2. Do Rich Content with high-quality images create any impact?

OLD saying but “True”! you must have heard- The thing that smells attractive will tempt more. What strategy do best e-commerce website design and development company in Delhi, NCR follow?  The one ideal rule is that try to use maximum images for your product. Give your product a good shoot session and capture high definition images from each possible angle. Segregate your product under the most suitable heading to avoid complexity. The more simple and less time taking the access would be, more will be the customer conversion rate.

Are you adding details to your product? As per the Magento trends for 2018 adding the detailed description with the updated price of your product can help you in grabbing more customers as they will be sure and confident that they are investing their money on right product.


3. Did you ever try – “Remarketing”?

The technique that can drastically boost up the conversion rate of your site. Re-Marketing- Yes! have you ever tried doing remarketing of your product? It works like a magnet. It sticks to the person (the moment he clicks a product) wherever he or she goes the advertisement chase him/ her. The way out to get rid is that the client needs to delete all the related cookies from his browsing history.

The approach of Re-Marketing is so strong that the advertisement does not allow a person to forget about the product of his own interest which eventually results in purchasing 70% of times and boost up your sales.


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4. Mobility enhances customer engagement- Do you agree?

The other major Magento trend for 2018 is – Mobile -friendly E-commerce website. In the world of E-commerce, the mobility plays a vital role. The people in the running time are so busy that they do not have time to shop thus they prefer to use their traveling time to shop by using their cell phones. About 70% people who are using e-commerce website prefer to shop using cell phones than to use desktops or laptops.

The mobile-friendly website not only increases the flow of traffic on your website but eventually results in the hike of your sales as well. But few factors that affect your site directly are – “Responsiveness”, “Page loading speed” and the “Bounce rate”. Be sure that you work on these three integral part of an E-commerce website or else the user might shut down your page and swiftly move towards the site of your competitor. If you wish to have someone who can do it for you then we are right here at a phone call – We are one of the best website design and development company in Delhi, who are always ready to help out their clients by giving best website solutions.


5. How can social media help to boost sales?

The wonder way to increase sales for an E-commerce website is “Social Media” – Don’t you think so? that if almost 90% of the urban population of the world is available on the social platforms like- Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Instagram, LinkedIn. etc. Then targeting the interested audience will be comparatively easier?

Depending on the niche of your product you got to select the correct platform. For example for all the fashion products (at the business to consumer level)- Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Snapchat can do promisingly well whereas LinkedIn and Twitter will perform best if you wish to target at the business to the business level, this will help you even in becoming a renowned brand.


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